10 Signs That Give Away You Own A 3d Printer

  1. Whenever anyone talks about a recent purchase you say, “I can make that!”
  2. Your living space is overrun with little plastic models and thingamibobs.
  3. Your friends see you coming and run before you give them another useless piece of plastic.
  4. All you want for Christmas is an assortment of weird filament types.
  5. You only intend on giving gifts this year that you’ve actually ‘made’ yourself (and by ‘made’ we mean downloaded from Thingiverse.)
  6. Even your parka has 3D printed plastic toggles.
  7. You spend way too much time hoping household items will break, so you can replace them with your home-printed versions.
  8. You honestly believe that you will invent and print something that will make you rich.
  9. You think that self-replicating printers is a real concept because you can make a few plastic parts, but ignore the fact that you would have to buy all the metal, motors, electronics and actual printheads.
  10. One day you hope to be able to print your own replacement body parts and become a truly self-made man.

10 Signs That Give Away the Fact That You Own a 3D Printer (Humor)

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