3d printer creates worlds first artificial serial killer

The world’s first maniac created using 3D printer technologies has been introduced and will be released into the community next week. The synthetic psycho is the brainchild of American law student Billy-Bob Eagleburger of Austin, Texas. It’ll undergo a test-run next Tuesday afternoon, in which it will be armed with an arsenal of 3D printer generated weapons and let loose in a shopping mall.

‘Once it was possible to publish a 3D plastic gun, it was the next logical step to print a 3D plastic serial killer,’ explained Eagleburger, who plans to publish his blueprint. ‘I don’t find anything wrong with this. We live in a free society and it’s the right of every American print and to download their own sociopath that is self-assembly.’Eagleburger added that he recognized that in the wrong hands that a gun-wielding killer may be used to hurt other people, ‘however, the important point to consider is that 3D-printed guns don’t kill people, 3D-printed psychopaths with 3D-printed guns kill people … no, hang on, I have not thought this through properly. But simply because it does not make sense isn’t a reason.’