3D Printing a Single Pixel Camera


It might appear odd that anybody would devote any time creating a cam with a single, solitary pixel as its offer when now’s cameras often feature a capability of 20 mega pixels or more. From just one pixel but a strong square of colour, exactly what do you get all things considered ? How in paradise’s title might that be a rewarding use of a photographer period?

The key here is based on the knowing that photography isn’t only the replication of a precise picture of 3 reality on a 2 press. Rather, the cam is an instrument for producing a picture the photographer wants to communicate. Thus, while one pixel digicam likely won’t function as instrument of choice to image other special day or your niece wedding any time in the future, it’s a rewarding attempt that produces some pictures that are fascinating.

Of more immediate curiosity to our audience, this pixel digicam that was solitary was made out of 3D printing technologies. It’s a pretty elaborate development and therefore many probably won’t be a obtain, but Bill Greer, its creator, is optimistic that the others may call for themselves in further polishing the layout.

His pursuit became out of years of experimenting with topics and with pictures that were worth pictures and therefore he started to contemplate the ways he can generate a graphic-running apparatus. Instead of looking at the 6th grade research job of creating a pin hole camera to record a picture on film, Greer was more committed: he needed a digicam which could record pictures in colour, and he needed to assemble it himself. Oh, and he also needed it to be cost-effective, … a 3 D printer, and utilizing what he currently had on hands: a solitary colour light detector, diverse and varied digital parts.


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