3D Printing Iconic Michelangelos Sculptures

The works of Renaissance artist Michelangelo are the stuff of legend and no attempt to replicate them over the centuries has thus far succeeded.

Our modern age of technology is a game changer.  Given the recent advancements in the capabilities of 3D scanners and printers, historical artefacts are now able to be recreated with much greater precision than in the past. Studio Fathom, Artworks Foundry and Scansite are working together to fashion scaled down reproductions of some of the most recognisable pieces of art history to be produced in limited numbers.

Scansite is responsible for the 3D scanning, FATHOM does the 3D printing,  and Artworks Foundry finishes with professional bronze casting. When these three technologies combine, they have proved that something amazing happens.  Rich Stump, Principal at Fathom, said, “What is so unique about this project is the utilization of 3D printing and 3D scanning in an industry which has remained unchanged for over a thousand years.”

An art go-between  has received permission to reproduce 28 of Michelangelo’s works. They provided Scansite with the authority to scan bronze castings of these works that were made from original moulds.

Scansite 3D  then altered that data into 3D printable STL files that FATHOM could 3D print. Once these replicas are created, Artworks Foundry  casts them in bronze.

3D Printing Allows for the Reproduction of Michelangelo’s Iconic Sculptures

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