3d Printing At Home Xyzprinting Da Vinci

3D printing is magic – beginning with an empty space, you end with a physical object that you can pick up, hold, and use. 3D Printer prices, and those of their supplies, have been steadily decreasing over the years, and there have been many projects designed to find ways to bring more affordable printers to the home. XYZpringing just fulfilled that aim with its Da Vinci 1.0 printer, on sale in the UK for £499.

The Da Vinci 3D Printer is an impressive piece of technology. 3D Printing is in its infancy, and there are some problems to overcome, such as file formating and software, as well as the costs of the hardware and raw materials, plus getting the technology out of the hands of self-confessed geeks and into the hands of normal users. The Da Vinci 3D Printer focuses on two of these areas… cost and ease of use.


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