NYC Hospital Uses Printer To Build 3d Heart For Baby

3D Printers are now used to help astronauts in space and to save the lives of babies.

This additive manufacturing saved the life of a baby who had a congenital heart defect (CHD) by building a new heart.  The chances of the boy surviving were initially slim, but the doctors and surgeons at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian thoght that a 3D printed heart might save his life.

The 3D printed heart was built from tissue rather than plastics.  The surgeons first observed the heart using CT scans, then, ordered a model heart from the Cardiovascular Business Development Manager Todd Pietila at Materialise, which then created a 3D model so accurate it captured the heart’s structure and defects in great detail.

When the 3D heart came, two days after they had ordered it, it was made out of a flexible material that was able to be cut and manipulated, giving surgeons the opportunity to make a plan to repair all of the heart’s defects in one go.

The baby’s heart surgery succeeded.

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