3d Printing Radically Improves Power Inverter Design

Navid Moslemi Nia, one of the researchers involved in a project from Iran University of Science and Technology,  said “the current printers in the market are typical ones with huge expenses to produce a piece. Therefore, we tried to produce a tree-dimensional printer with further abilities and low expenses in production.”   He added that,  “the laser printer is 1.5 times faster than normal printers and the piece is produced layer by layer.”

He asserted that the material needed for this printer cost about one dollar per kilogram, in constrast to the material currently used, which “costs 40 dollars per kilogram.”

He emphasized that using 3D printers would move the piece industry from sample-producing to piece-producing, which would be a great achievement and progress for the country.  Researchers have succeeded in producing 3D laser printers by which sample-producing could transfer to piece-producing.