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PolySher / PolySmooth Examples

20 May 2016

Some real examples of amazing new PolySmooth PVB printer Filament from PolyMaker – sue for release toward the end of 2016.


Up Mini 2 Announced

07 Jan 2016

Teirtime Announce the release of the beautifully styled UP Mini 2 at Las Vegas  CES 2016, featuring clever draw for accessories, WiFi connection, HEPA air-filtration, touchscreen control and amazing print quality for an entry-level machine the UP-Mini 2 is set to become a home enthusiast  must-have.


PolyMax / PLA / ABS Fracture Test

20 Aug 2015

Video ductile strength and flexibility test of various filaments. Shows the amazing strength differences between regular PLA and PolyMakers PolyMax PLA – proves again not all filament built from the same source plastic behaves the same.


3D printed Guitar

15 Jun 2015

Amazing 3D Printed guitar using PolyMax PLA fusion welded, sanded and painted.


PolyFlex and PolyMax Polymaker Filament Review

09 Apr 2015

Mike reviews PolyFlex and PolyMax. The materials were used in the prosthetic foot for Buttercup, one of the ducks from his sanctuary.