3D Systems Art Challenge: Win 3DS CubePro Worth $2500

If you’re a divine 3D designer and 3D printing enthusiast looking to take your work to the level that is competitive, the 3D Systems Art Challenge is a competition for you. Does the opportunity to win a 3D Systems CubePro 3D printer worth $2500 sound motivating? How about the chance to convince the world that 3D printing is truly having an effect on the art world?
Skeptics regarding the technology abound while 3D printing is a fast growing technology with several supporters and enthusiasts.
The people at CG Trader point out that they’ve teamed up with 3D Systems for the 3D Systems Art Challenge because they would like to prove the skeptics wrong, and they would like to share the function of 3D printing in the art world, which they see as ‘a real magician’s hat – where it is possible to create an object out of nothing.’ As is quite true in the theory of art—and life itself—even the ordinary can become extraordinary.


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