3D Systems & Scarlett Inc. Partner for Distribution of 3D Metal Printing Solutions in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio

As the 3D printing industry grows, so do connections between companies. Many new partnerships are being created with new chance to be hammered worldwide, a handshake, and a contract, as well as in more specific domestic marketplaces.
As business and manufacturing come in the procedure for being revolutionized and transformed, we see a growing set of materials used to produce a lengthy set of high quality components, goods, and prototypes. One material, though, is at the forefront: metal.
Strength and scarlettPower are correlated with 3D metal printing. Additionally bringing those qualities together with business experience as well as expertise in their just announced partnership, 3D Systems and Scarlett, Inc. strategy to work together in distributing a complete line of 3D printing solutions for use with metal.


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