Australian doctors make world’s first heel replacement with 3D printer

Doctors in Australia used 3D printer in a world-first process to replace a patient’s cancer – eaten heel having a man-made titanium one, local media reported.

A 71-year old man whose right foot suffered from cancer thought following a successful surgery in Victoria he can stand on his own feet again although the sole option he face would be amputation.

The patient’s left foot was scanned by team and created a 3D image of it, which was used to build a replica of the right heel with titanium.

Melbourne-based biotech company Anatomics along with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) both scrubbed into the combined attempt in 3D printing a new heel bone.

“Science improvements have enabled us to consider 3D printing of bones and we were able to get advice from Len’s foot and use that to tell the computers exactly how huge his foot is, and copy that using the new 3D technology,” Dr Choong said.

The procedure of replace man’s heel bone component with 3D print technology was the very first case in the world.

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