CES 2015: An Open-Source 3D Printable Scanner

Additive making supercomputing and is proceeding quicker than almost any other technological area, even solid state storage. After nearly three decades of stagnation that was near, it progressed in three years to the stage where it can actually propagate itself.

Whether it’s superheating plastic to the point of liquefaction, or using a laser to sinter metal powder into a solid, the technology has opened up new methods to fabricate things that were new.

Meanwhile, 3D scanning has allowed artists as well as the common man to create virtual layouts that can be repeated via 3D printing by everyone else on the planet.

A firm by the name of Fuel3D determined to attend the Consumer Electronics Show this year (CES 2015) and reveal how 3D printing and 3D scan might combine into an eternal loop.


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