CES Roscoe Based 3DP Unlimited Shows off Large Format 3D Printer

LAS VEGAS — Roscoe, Ill.-based 3DP Unlimited wants to become a big player in the ever increasing 3D printing market.

The new project, a subsidiary of parts company PBC Linear, is getting a boost from the proliferation of desktop printers that have begun to bring more awareness to 3D printing, said John Good, vice president of sales.

He and other executives from the company based outside Rockford are showing their 3DP1000, a large-format 3D printer, at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company boasts the 3DP1000 as having a build area 74 times bigger than the average desktop 3D printer.

The open-source device starts at about $20,000.

“This enables people to do things that are close to full scale,” Good said of the machine’s build area. “When you’re developing something, it might look fine in what I call ‘dollhouse size,’ but might not look right in your living room.”

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