Stratasys Offers 3D Printed Medical Model Service

There’s nothing like holding turning and watching a real time sample to give some one a deeper understanding in an intricate part or apparatus. Of course when this part is actually a human organ or anatomical structure requiring understanding for surgery this becomes all the more important.

The growth of additive manufacturing (3D printing) is changing everything. While patient-specific models already help doctors visualize and plan the steps of difficult surgeries, still another aspect of the field is emerging: that of healthcare models with realistic material properties, serving as tools for researchers, teachers and medical device manufacturers.

Stratasys a global leader in applied additive technology solutions, today revealed a highly advanced level capability to 3D print medical models which can be designed to meet requirements of the industry’s leading associations, researchers and medical device manufacturers. Offered initially in North America as an agency through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, BioMimics provides exceptionally realistic, functionally-accurate 3D printed replicas of complex real structures which empowers more effective medical training, instruction and advanced level device testing.

“BioMimics can be a revolution in clinical modeling, capitalizing on higher level 3D printing methods to clinically true representations of complex individual anatomies – in varying patterns of tissue to replicating soft to hard feel of human body structures. Equipped with outstanding realism of BioMimics, researchers, educators and manufacturers can finally utilize the various tools to establish out new thoughts long before clinical trials, also reveal creations into the skilled physicians who depend on these”

Engineered along side the industry’s top manufacturers and researchers, the agency enables customers to either capitalize on a variety of current BioMimics models, or design enhanced anatomical arrangements that meet distinct clinical requirements.

The BioMimics approach produces models with exceptionally detailed complexities, out of complex microstructures to melded soft and hard textures within a single model. This precision allows users of health models to break free of the approximations of individual anatomy offered by creature anatomies (different from human) and the dearth of “Live tissue feel” present in highly processed cadavers. Furthermore, a BioMimics version can incorporate the details of a real-world, pristine or diseased bronchial system.

Although the BioMimics program has been under way for some time, the Stratasys team really improved its efforts over this past year. Not only were fresh materials needed, but developing the applications to control voxel-level printing was critical. And, needless to say, it all depends on the ability of this Stratasys J750 AM system to combine up to six materials on the fly.

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