Could These Modular Print Heads Be What 3D Printing Really Needs?

Bringing 3D fabrication tools straight to the consumer continues to be fraught with challenges; these at-home printers are either expensive or limited in scope. A new theory called FLUX claims that it’s solved all those conundrums with an all in one 3D printer that offers modular extruders for greatest flexibility. Is this the game-changer we’ve been looking forward to?
The FLUX not only has a basic 3D printer that uses the typical FFF (fused filament manufacturing) printing system, it also has a built-in 3D scanner, which can be rather pleasant. That is terrific for advantage, but not actually groundbreaking; we have covered some other all-in-one 3D printers, like the Da Vinci 1.0 AiO by XYZ. So here’s the nifty attribute that is actual: FLUX can be fitted having a handful of modules that are interchangeable that attach and detach using strong magnets. Along with the modules could be updated as technology improvements over time.

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