Markforged announces two 3D printers

Markforged, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Boston, has just announced two new models – the X3 and the X5. The two of these printers are designed to make carbon objects utilizing a printing method that was filament and items which may replace or are somewhat stronger than steel items can be produced by the two.

Both printers have auto-leveling and scanning systems to guarantee each object that is printed is just like any other. What’s more, the printers utilize Markforged’s special thermoplastic fiber filament, while the X5 can add a “strand of continuous fiberglass” to create objects “19X stronger and more 10X stiffer than conventional plastics.” This usually means thanks, you can print both usable tools and usable parts using the machine and also to the fiberglass weave, you can ensure that use won’t be snapped on by the piece. As an instance, one client printed a custom valve wrench at 10 minutes.