Custom-make your new look with Protos 3D-printed glasses

The phrase “3D printed” carries quite lots of hype today, so any time we find a product with it in the title, it’s difficult not to look at it using a jaundiced eye. Don’t get us wrong; additive production is surely a ground-breaking technology, but you will find certain matters merely aren’t meant to be made out of plastic. Take 3D-printed shoes, for example. As a nice pair of leather kicks, they’re trendy, but probably nowhere near as durable or comfortable. More often than not, 3D- products that are printed are more about hype than they’re about practicality.

But eyewear is different. Eyeglasses frames are usually made out of plastic as it’s, so 3D-printed spectacles actually make sense – particularly in the custom-made product market.

Instead of taking time from your day to go to with an eyewear boutique, Protos lets you get glasses that are personalized simply by going on the internet and taking a couple images. Snap just two pictures of your mug and Protos’s complex styling algorithm will generate a couple of frames that’s absolutely constructed for bone structure, and your unique arch, eyebrow. Have a look at the video to see more about how it functions:

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