Tumbles Two legged pup gets new a set of wheels thanks to ohio university


Tumbles is a 6-week old Terrier who behaves like any dog.

“As far as he knows he is simply an ordinary pup,” Tumbles adoptive mother Karen Pilcher said. “I’ve been doing a dog saving for 32 years I Have never had a dog before.”

She says if he wasn’t rescued by her, she believed no one would.

But to what is occurring with a 3D printer found at Ohio University, Tumbles, thanks will not be scooching on the floor considerably more.

Joe Jollick runs on the 3D printing laboratory at Ohio University.

“This is the primary practical prosthetic we have done applying this printer,” Jollick said.

“I ended up bringing this from scratch,” he said.

It is going to take five hours for the high tech scanner to lay- down and axle.

Another eight hours to assemble a “U” shaped harness.

The sled, will enable Tumbles to lie on the breast plate. His rear legs will shove on the wheels.


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