Enormous 3d Printer Metalbro Big Launches On Indiegogo

Trying out new machines and discovering new ways  companies try to improve the entire printing experience is exciting. Having said that, when I went to buy a new 3D printer recently I was drawn to the larger machines that had the ability to print at comparatively fast speeds, two features which were of importance

Many in the industry believe that the larger the printer, the higher the number of useful objects it will be able to manufacture; and as for speed, these days we want everything done yesterday.

A spin-off company from BBW University’s FIB Research Institute, F&B Rapid Production, based in Berlin, Germany, understands this sense of urgency and has plans to mass produce a huge and relatively quick 3D printer labelled the MetalBro BIG, just as soon as they get enough funding from Indiegogo.


Enormous 3D Printer, MetalBro BIG, Launches on Indiegogo with Speeds up to 600mm/sec

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