Extrusionbot Launches Their Eb2 3d Printer Filament Extruder

It’s outrageous that a simple 1 kg spool of PLA or ABS filament can cost up to $50. Why are we paying an arm and a leg every time we run out of plastic for our printers when quick Google search reveals that pelletised ABS or PLA plastics cost as little as $1 per kg.

This is a huge markup for plastics which are just melted down and shaped into 1.75 or 3mm strands on a spool. Thus several company have launched filament extrusion machines, allowing everyday 3D printing enthusiasts to manufacturer their own filament at home.

ExtrusionBot LLC in Arizona, USA, created its original extruder to be affordable, reliable, and fast, with the capability of extruding up to 1.1 metres of filament per minute.  The newer version, just released, comes equipped with an automated touchscreen, making its interface simple to use and understand, while it can also create filament with an expanded number of plastic types including, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, PET, ABS and PLA.