Formlabs Lawsuit Dismissed For Licensing Fees

The awesome Formlabs resin 3D printer that has been found after Kickstarter crowdfunding effort that was successful but soon afterwards struck a lawsuit from 3D Systems over their use of patented 3D printing technology.

Formlabs come to an understanding and has announced that it’s now in the clear with 3D Systems over that involves licensing fees for the usage of the technology, enabling the litigation to be dropped with no subsequent actions being taken.

“Plaintiff 3D Systems, Inc. and Defendant Formlabs Inc, hereby consent, as indicated by the signatures of their reactive counsels below, to entry of an Order dismissing all claims and counterclaims in this action with prejudice, with each party to bear all costs, expenses and attorney fees.“

Initially Formlabs was sued by 3D Systems back for patent infringement associated with their laser-established stereolithography techniques in 2012. But all appears to have now been cleared up and in the Form 1 and the contour of the Form 1 the Formlabs firm has developed two resin 3D printers since its start.

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