GAIA Multitool — Multifaceted 3D Printer & More Hits Kickstarter

TYTAN 3D says the GAIA Multitool is a multifunctional apparatus prepared to function as a variety of other manufacturing tools, CNC router, laser cutter, engraver and a 3D printer.
The GAIA Multitool is available in three variations, the Standard, MAXX and MINI and each one is effective at printing with thermoplastic materials like ABS or PLA, but the programmers say it’s the machine’s ability to 3D print objects from clay, ceramics or porcelain which has garnered it the most attention.
The company say the GAIA Multitool is distinctive in that, aside from it’s skill to print in plastics, it can use stuff created by users from paper to paste if not chocolate. Using a pair of different extruders – one with a 1 liter tank mounted onto the nozzle, and a second one which carries a 10 liter tank – the multitool can print objects (at least in the instance of the MAXX variation) more than 1 meter tall.

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