Giving Back: think3D Enriches Science Class with 3D Printed Models at Devnar School for the Blind

The entire world of technology and all it encompasses is vast and could revolve around the fairly cold world of industry and manufacturing, manufactured from steel and metal. And while 3D printing is nicely encapsulated inside that world today and of much use in transforming industrial processes, its unlimited possibility permits US to reach for the stars in ways never before imagined.
The skill to innovate, create, and share has imbued this element of the technological world having an astonishing and really amazing quantity of warmth as we see those people who are challenged being helped in ways previously not possible. While positively transforming business and manufacturing is one matter of relevance, the ways that 3D printing has the capacity to alter lives is another entirely.

Now, think3D of India is celebrating its one-year anniversary by giving back to their community in the truest sense, as they offer education to the visually impaired by preparing and following through having an initiative that they coordinated with India’s Devnar Foundation for the Blind. Using the style of ‘Making Eyes,’ the program offers students the chance to break from the typical Braille workbooks and not only learn new info but additionally learn about just what the technology of 3D printing has to offer them, along with the world–on many levels–and for individuals with a number of other challenges.

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