Graphene 3d Lab Is Working On A Graphene Battery 3d Printer

The single atom thick, almost transparent ‘miracle material’ consisting of pure carbon — graphene – could have phenomenal potential in many industries. Given the nearly infinite uses of additive manufacturing, coupled with the incredible material properties of graphene, we are presented with what could be the ingredients to a number of groundbreaking new applications for both technologies.

Today one such application has been presented to us, thanks in part to Graphene 3D Lab Inc’s CEO, Daniel Stolyarov, CEO of Graphene 3D Lab Inc, presented and discussed recent developments regarding the company’s research and development into designing and creating 3D printed graphene batteries. A

“Our ability to create a 3D printable battery and other electrochemical devices will play a significant role in the growth of commercial applications of 3D printing technology,” he said.

Graphene 3D Lab is Working on a Graphene Battery 3D Printer, Introduces Printed Battery Prototype

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