How 3D Printing Made Face Transplants Possible

A full facial transplant is a fine form of surgery that’s experimental and not just as old as the technology that enables it: 3D printing.

The first complete transplant was performed in 2010 in S pain. The first full face transplant in the usa came in 2011. Only eight have been finished in the nation since then, seven of which were done at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Their complete report is coming.

Candidates for facial transplants often have bone defects in addition to devastating harms, and I was told by Rybicki before they even consult with the physician performing the transplant they may rack up 60 operations. Often, prior to the transplant can happen, the facial structure of a patient needs to be modified or reconstructed.

What lies beneath the skin can be a small puzzle at this early phase, which can lead to a lengthened controlling time on the table or unwelcome surprises. By building a 3D model of the patient’s head using X-ray CT scans (also referred to as CAT scans) and printing them out, physicians can plan ahead to make the surgery as swift and successful as you can.

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