Hp Just Launched Its Own Superfast 3d Printer

HP has announced a new  3D printer using new technology it believes will revolutionise the industry. This huge machine isn’t meant to sit in private homes, but instead be a new piece of tech in the arsenal of additive manufacturing. The new technology, which HP calls “Multi Jet Fusion,” the company says printing something that would have taken days will now only take hours.

The company says Multi Jet Fusion will radically reduce the time and cost needed for 3D printing. Multi Jet Fusion works by spreading a powdered material across a build area. Then, a “fusing agent” is applied using a paint bar, while at the same time a detailing agent is applied for high definition. Those separate “agents” are then fused, to create just one layer of whatever object you’re building, so like any other 3d printer, the object is eventually built layer by layer.