Hp Promises A Fast Enterprise 3d Printer For 2016

Finally, HP has revealed its very first 3D printer. With the cost still unknown, HP says the price will be competitive. What is known is that the company actually has developed a new 3D printing technique that has the potential to be pretty fast.

HP describes how the 3D printer works as “multi-jet fusion.” The printer deposits a layer of liquid plastic, followed by a coating that goes specifically where the plastic needs to fuse together. Multiple heads allow the printer to put down an entire layer in one sweep. Then the materials are heated to fuse them together into a solid.

The printer is built for enterprise. It’s  huge – the size of an office copy machine – it’s definitely not about to fit on your desk. The “best in class total cost of ownership” HP is touting could mean it will cost upwards of $100,000.



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