Hps New 3d Printer Is Trouble For Competitors

Hewlett-Packard (HP) have announced the launch of a 3D printer on  which introduces a new printing process HP is calling “Multi Jet Fusion,” causing the stock of rival 3D printing companies to drop.

Multi Jet Fusion is the use of Thermal Inkjet arrays combined with fusing and detailing agents that ensure the 3D image is properly formed and will fuse. Multiple types of liquids are layered and added with minute precision.

Stratasys CEO David Reis says he does not know if HP’s claims of an overall superior-quality 3D printer are true but he has faith in his own company: “Stratasys has a very large team of R&D [research and development] people, and we’re working day in and day out to develop new products. By the time HP will come to the market with their product, I think we’re going to be ready,” Reis said.

HP plans to start testing the printers with select customers later this year with full availability in 2016.


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