Fracktal Works, Indian 3d Printer Manufacturer, Raises 3 Million From Neoteric Technology Solutions

Neoteric Infomatique has plans to inject $3 million into 3D printer manufacturer Fractal Works. The move may well signal a jump start for the Indian 3D printing and technologies market.

Printing at 100mm/s at a precision of 75 microns and featuring a metal hot end, the Julia 3D printer is capable of a build volume of 8.3 x 7.8 x7.8 inches (20x20x20 cm.)  The print stabilizing hotbed has a removable glass surface, filament is easy to load; and filament is compatible with ABS, HIPS, PLA, Nylong 618, Polycarbonate and Laywood.

Neoteric Infomatique, in conjunction with Fracktal Studios, has developed “Fractory”, it’s own 3D printing application software; and now offers end to end product development. How Fracktal Works uses this big funds boost remains to be seen, but chances are there are further products on the way.