Unique 3d Printer Filaments Include Color Mixing Rods – Keytech

According to company Keytech Solutions, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential of 3D printing; and it has been working on creating comparatively unheard of products.

On a 2D printer, we don’t consider the kind of toner or ink we use, because the options are considerably limited and we tend to go with the cheapest one that still does the job.  With 3D printing, options up until not long ago had still been fairly limited to choices such as the two different types of plastic, PLA and ABS.  Recently, however, filament manufacturers have started to realise that people want more variety, and there has been an influx of new options.

 These days there is flexible nylon filaments, bronze filaments that resemble real metal, and even realistic wood filaments.  In the last twelve months, many of these new material options have started to hit the markets, which is great news – the more choices we have, the wider the variety of articles that can be printed.

Keytech’s Unique 3D Printer Filaments Include Color Mixing Rods, Heat Deflection & More


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