Kickstarter Campaign: Z Unlimited Enables Your Ultimaker 3d Printer To Print With An Unlimited Z Axis

Not long ago,  ‘World Animal Protection‘ (a Dutch organisation) partnered with designer Joris van Tubergen to 3D print a life-sized elephant. To tackle this mammoth task, 5 Ultimaker 3D printers were used, with unique modifications first having been made by Tubergen.

First, he expanded the z-axis height of each printer to an phenomenal 2.5 meters, allowing extremely large pieces of the elephant to be 3D printed at the same time.  Tubergen explained, “With a regular 3D printer it takes months to print large objects. By printing with five of these printers simultaneously in high columns, the print time is drastically shortened,”

Now, Tubergen intends to make this technology available to everyone already owning an Ultimaker 3D printer, and has  launched a Kickstarter campaign for what he has aptly christened the ‘Z-Unlimited’. His clever track system means that the Ultimaker’s z-axis can be expanded to an unlimited height, allowing the printing of objects of limitless vertical size.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Z-Unlimited – Enables Your Ultimaker 3D Printer to Print With an Unlimited Z-Axis

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