KÛR: Modern Meets Traditional in Designer’s First Foray into 3D Printing

Located in nyc, KÛR specializes in hand crafted designs. Recently, Rathnasuriya chose to match her lace work by adding some contemporary elements to her up coming SS16 series, which has been showcased in October at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival at Queensland, Australia.

The frames of the wearer had been published with FDM technology and biodegradable PLA filament in various colours. The lenses were laser cut from transparent acrylic and 3d curved. The resulting prototypes were fashionable, vibrant colored glasses which complemented with the handmade clothing and handmade leather shoes. The fantasy of bringing the standard and the unconventional together of Rathnasuriya appears to have been a trendy success. The frames created startling pops of color that stood out from the light lace, and created an eye-catching, conventional vs. modern dichotomy.


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