LeTourneau Students Put 3d Printers To Work

Students at LeTourneu University in their first year of mechanical engineering courses have been introduced to 3D technology.  Assistant Professor, Jesse French, said that every student would, as part of Intro to Engineering Practice, be expected to design their own 3D printer that would be capable of copying parts needed for future ones. French stated, “The first thing you test with your replicator is if you can replicate it.” French said. ”

Nathan Gaddis, a LeTourneu freshman, said having a 3D printer of his own would enhance his educational experience. “W get to see [the design software we’ll be learning how to use] put into action with our own ideas.”  Although the technology itself isn’t new – LeTourneu students have been discussing its use as part of their curriculum since four years ago – students these days will continue the advancement of 3D printing possibilities.