License to mill: Mebotics’ Microfactory combines 3D printer and milling machine

Not content with the grade of parts frustrated by the noise and mess developed by milling machines, and made from 3D printers, startup Mebotics has designed and constructed a machine that’s both computer and a 3D printer -controlled milling machine simultaneously. And as it is enclosed and can be connected to some vacuum cleaner, the company asserts that wreck is put to bed, also. Mebotics has turned to bunch-financing to bring the Microfactory (for that’s its name) to market.

That may prove unjust though it is tempting to qualify this as a product that is undermined.

Though it’s presumably comparatively compact in comparison to other milling machines, claims that it is “relatively portable” must be taken using a pinch of salt along with a polite nod, as tons of stuff become “relatively portable” when you have a substantial electrical generator to hand (which this would require to take it on the road).

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