3d Printed Rings Let You Design Your Own Piece

Compared to other jewellery, there’s something extra-personal about rings, given that they can symbolize so much. 3D printing is here to make that process significantly easier for every step of the process, to really make them more personal with completely customised designs.

Polychemy — a combination of the words ‘polygon’ and ‘alchemy,’ a company based on “turning polygons into gold” — is a company founded in 2012 in Singapore by a group of 3D print artists and programmers.  Polychemy’s jewellery line is focused  on unique, bespoke pieces with the top priority being customisation. According to their website, Polychemy “pioneered the world’s first customisable 3D printed diamond and gem rings.”

Customised gold and gems sounds expensive, right? Well, not really. Thanks to 3D printing, Polychemy dramatically reduces their prices from those of more traditionally crafted bespoke jewellery pieces. Their proprietary platform combined with 3D printing manufacturing processes allows them to keep costs low from start to finish.

Make It Yours: 3D Printed Rings from Polychemy Jewelry Let You Design Your Own Piece

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