Making Fallout 4’s Robot Butler Mister Handy Real Using 3D Printing

It turns out 3D printing played a key part in helping the game designers from Fallout 4 feel as actual as possible, although he development of a video game may be the last place that you’d believe to locate rapid prototyping being used. The floating, Mister Handy, nuclear multi-armed robotic butler, isn’t a new character in the Fallout universe by any means. He’d previously been seen floating around, dishing out British-emphasized sarcasm and using his buzz saw arm in Fallout 3. But when the designers of Fallout 4, the first Fallout game designed for the present generation of gaming consoles, got around to revamping him, they wanted to make him to feel real. That included redesigning the character in the bottom up, and creating a robot that could nearly work in the real world.

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