NVBOTS Unveils 3D Printable Curricula

Nvbots Unveils 3D Printable Curricula Based On Common Core And Next Generation Science Standards

NVBOTS, a company based in Boston Massachusetts, launched the first fully-automated 3D printer in the world.  NVBOTS is excited about providing a complete 3D printing experience that is simple, safe and includes great service, ensuring that customers have a wonderful 3D printing experience.

Now NVBOTS has announced the release of the NV Library – lesson plans that utilise 3D printable components. Enabling educators to easily make 3D Printing a part of the classroom, the lessons  adhere to the Common Core guidelines and Next Generation Science Standards.  Furthermore, and reinforcing its dedication to assist teachers, NVBOTS has sent its first NVPro printer to Citizen schools.

CEO AJ Perez said, “Our dedication to inspiring students through 3D printing is unmatched in the industry and we are passionate about weaving 3D Printing into the fabric of learning experiences everywhere.  “The release of the NV Library and the Citizen Schools milestone are just two examples of our commitment to education.”