ObjectForm Announces Fila-Cycle, 100% Recycled 3D Printing Filaments


Additive manufacturing is more environmentally friendly than subtractive manufacturing approaches; waste generation falls dramatically by using just the stuff essential for a particular production run.

Formed in following a year of research and development, ObjectForm is based in Sheffield, England and specializes in 3D printing. The organization was co-founded by Scott Knowles, Chris Simpson, and Stephan Hollingshead, three partners with foundations in supply and technology. ObjectForm maintains a focus on background 3D printing and its potential international impact. Back in September, they teamed up with QA to offer training courses on 3D printing in the UK. ObjectForm a new filament line based on recycled stuff that are. has developed is now taking another step in their R&D focus, and

Available immediately through the brand new Fila-Cycle site, the filaments represent a huge step forward in the filament realm.


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