Pharaoh Delta 5th Generation 3d Printer Unveiled

The Pharaoh Delta 3D printer is expected to launch throughout Europe sometime early within 2015. Latvian company Mass Portal  unveiled the new printer,  which is a fifth generation system that builds on prior models to add even more refinement and new features for the enjoyment of users.

Capable of printing objects 200mm x 200mm diameter in size with a layer thickness ranging between 0.02-0.6mm depending on nozzle size attached, the Pharaoh Delta 3D Printer is also equipped with a heated brass print plate offering printing speeds from 20 to 300 mm/s, as well as an automatic bed levelling system. It can print material with a melting point of under 300 degree C, which enables it to print using almost any filament type.

The electronics of the 3D printer have now been upgraded within this fifth-generation two in 32 bit system which is capable of running the Repetier Firmware, allowing for more precise, calculations and higher printing speeds.

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