3D Printed QR Codes Draw Greater Attention Than 2D Barcodes

Quick Response (QR) codes are everywhere  on product packaging and advertising materials, however, only a low percentage of them are actually scanned by customers.   To make QR codes more fun, and therefore improve marketing results, R&D technologies has developed a more tactile approach.

In a type of advertising envisioned to appeal to businesses desiring to show off design talents, or involved in 3D printing themselves, R&Ds concept is to utilise 3D printing to create a working, 3D barcode, helping businesses to stand out in the marketing place by having barcodes that – quite literally – stand out.

Calling the service Emobossify, the 2D QR codes, whether .jpgs or .stls, are converted from flat images to three dimensional sculptures.

QR codes made with 3D printing could draw greater attention than 2D barcodes

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