Robox 3D Printer Packages Offered To UK Schools


The 3D printer that successfully launched over on Kickstarter, CEL Robox, will offer a new 3D printer for schools in partneship with Kitronik. The new partnership will offer, at a reduced price the RBX01 Robox 3D Printer, to thousands of UK schools.

the partnership is explained by Chris Elsworthy, managing director of CEL Robox:

“We wanted to work with Kitronik as they have always impressed us with their enthusiasm for inspiring young people to become interested in electronics and design and technology,”-“The company has a fantastic resource base and range of projects available which is why they are so popular with schools across the UK. Pooling our resources and products together will enable people to express their creativity and develop really interesting 3D printed projects.”

Co-founder of Kitronik; Kevin Spurr added:

“In our view the Robox 3D printer is perfect for the classroom and also hobby 3D printer users because of its affordability and two year warranty, but also due to its unique features. It has a dual-nozzle system which allows printing in an extremely wide range of resolution and at print speeds up to 300% faster than the closest competitors,”-“It also features the ability to pause and resume print jobs, meaning mistakes can be corrected without having to start again, perfect for school use.”

Watch the video below to learn more.

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