San Marino Honors the 3D Printing Revolution with Stamp Collection from Artist Andy Rementer


The Republic of San Marino is, maybe, not as well-known as its well-known boot-shaped neighbor, Italy, but it quietly boasts some pretty impressive data — the country is the world’s oldest living sovereign state and constitutional republic, keeps a degree of per capita GDP on par with those of wealthy countries like Denmark, does not have any national debt, and is the sole nation on earth to get more vehicles than people. Among the tiny state’s claims to fame, though, is that about 10% of the national revenue comes from its well-known postage stamps, which can be purchased to collectors (philatelists) around the planet.

Stamp collecting as a hobby continues to be alive and well, despite the bite electronic communications have taken from posted pieces. Stamps are valued for designs honoring technologies that have influenced a society, events, and individuals — and one of the newest sets in San Marino’s postage offerings observes the impact that 3D printing is having.

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