Shapeways Can 3D Print Things out of 14K Gold

Gold remains the most “ common” of the “rare” precious metals, if it can even be called this way. And since 3D printed jewelry is improving as quickly as everything else on this marketplace, Shapeways has determined to supply 14K gold items.
Great jewelers pretty much constantly need to create their products through hand-held tools, despite the fact that there are some ways to make pendants and rings in bulk.

Now, though, it is no longer a matter of steady and precise your hands are. 3D printing technology can allow for greater precision and contour sophistication that is higher.

Furthermore, they use plastic.

Still, some 3D printing companies have developed special processes for making 3 D printed rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, etc. Shapeways’ procedure consist of five measures, and is founded on wax casting.

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