Solidscape and Kangshuo to Launch Largest 3d Printing Service Bureau in China

Four years ago leading 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys purchased Solidscape, and it appears the acquisition may finally have begun paying dividends. Solidscape announced a significant deal with Beijing, China-based Kangshuo Group Co. Ltd, whom they had already been partners with, for the distribution of their line of highly accurate 3D printers for manufacturing of wax patterns in China. This most recent agreement between the two companies will equate to the largest 3D printing service bureau in China.

Kangshuo will create four 3D printing facilities housing hundreds of Solidscape 3Z series 3D s3 printers catering to China’s growing jewelry industry. Shenzhen will be the first of the four facilities to open followed by Guangzhou and finally Shanghai and Beijing next year.

Seek to turn China into a 3D printing powerhouse Kangshuo Group and Solidscape and its parent company Stratasys will benefit as this will include the sale of hundreds of printers over the next year to eighteen months.

Kangshuo choose to partner with a company which would best suit their goals which is why they selected Solidscape who they had already had close ties with following a distribution agreement. Perfect for complex and intricate jewelry designs the 3Z series printers are incredibly accurate and are able to achieve 6 micron resolution. Solidscape also hopes that this agreement will help China achieve their goals of providing 3D printing education to all ages and skill levels by supply of 3D printers that will be used on a on a pay-per-use basis throughout the China.

Stratasys investors look forward to the deal as sales figures have been lower than many within the company had hoped recently.

Solidscape Teams With Kangshuo To Launch Largest 3D Printing Service Bureau in China