Sols Raises 1 75 Million To Make 3d Printed Shoe Insoles Sexy

Industrial designer Kegan Schouwenburg had always enjoyed making things and watching physical objects “come to life.”  Graduating from Pratt, she started her initial company, Design Glut, and soon had its mass-produced products selling in chain stores such as Urban Outfitters and Target.

Just as she was thinking about expanding production, she discovered 3D printing technology and knew it was the solution she had been looking for.  “It’s this beautiful collison of being able to make things instantaneously at the same cost… whether you make one or a thousand and…increase the…time to market,” she said.

Searching for the product that would take 3D printing technology mainstream, she unexpectedly stumbled upon orthotics.  She is now the co-founder and CEO at SOLS, and is working at finding solution to common problems concerning uncomfortable shoes and sore feet with custom-designed and 3D-printed insoles.



SOLS Raises $1.75 Million To Make 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles Both Sexy & Mainstream