Syncfab takes 3D Designers from Concept to 3D Printing Production

With their intuitive platform SyncFab allows you to go from concept to design to manufacturing for projects of any size. SyncFab knows makers and manufacturers, and how they think. Source designers, entrepreneurs, fabricators, and materials and service providers are also using the site. SyncFab alows you the choice to get off and back on the platform as needed.

Time to stop daydream of putting your concept into reality and creating our own mini-factories from your 3D printed creations. SyncFab is working to help you realize your dreams as realistically not just in providing a marketplace, but in helping you deal with finding raw materials and finding a professional manufacturer or local factory.

“SyncFab is on a mission to return overseas manufacturing to the U.S. and create jobs, We streamline the word-of-mouth referral system currently relied upon by most designers and entrepreneurs when sourcing fabricators. We are also solving a massive marketing problem for local manufacturers who have no advertising budgets and end up letting their factories sit idle.”

SyncFab works to bring together designers trying to get their 3D printing ideas out and business offering prototyping and manufacturing services. With many designers, many products, and quality companies providing quality services it’s a great idea to put everyone together in one forum.

SyncFab Forum