Ibox Nano 3d Resin Printer Offers Precision At Low Price

Bigger is better is generally the mantra when it comes to consumer 3D printers, even though the majority of users are likely to only want to be printing smaller objects anyway. Targeting these kinds of users, iBox is introducing the smaller-scaled iBox Nano, a portable resin-based 3D printer designed specifically to print at a price far below larger UV-based resin machines, while still maintaining a good print quality as well as being quiet and easy to use.

With print dimensions of only 40 x 20 x 90 mm (1.57 x 0.79 x 3.54 in),the light and compact Nano has an X-Y resolution of 328 microns and a Z resolution (the height of each layer) of 0.39 microns. In comparison, the Form 1 resin printer offers 300 micron resolution (and other features) at a price of over three thousand dollars.

The Nano has a few innovations as well, that enhance its appeal, including using UV-LEDs rather than projector bulbs or lasers, which consumes less power and negates the need for  cooling fans. Thus, the Nano is a quieter machine to operate and the LEDs don’t need to be replaced as often as bulbs.