The Pharaoh Delta 3d Printer Can Print An Offroad Scooter

One company from Latvia, is looking to change the image of home 3D printers having poor quality, with the European release of its shiny new fifth generation 3D printer. That company, Mass Portal, believes that  its 3D printer has something that those of other European manufacturers in Europe don’t.

Scheduled to be released in Europe sometime in early 2015, the Pharaoh Delta 3D printer offers much to be excited about concerning desktop 3D printing. Targeted at domestic users, as well as  schools and offices, Mass Portal prides itself on the machine’s smooth, quiet, precise and simplicity of operation, which stems from what they feel may be the “first high quality, mainstream delta 3D printer”.

The Pharaoh Delta 3D Printer by Mass Portal: So diverse it can print an offroad scooter

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