Two college students invented an adapter that allows 3D printers to print in full color for less than $100

color 3d print

3D printing is usually a monochrome relationship. Full-color printers are not cheap, so the more casual user is likely stuck printing in a couple of colours.

Cédric Kovacs- Charles and Johnson Haider, both chemical engineering undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, say they’ve come up with a remedy: a sub-$100 device that upgrades desktop 3D printers to print in a full rainbow of colours.

The device is not incompatible with fused deposition modeling 3D printers that use a standard-size spool of filament. FDM printers melt down cord -like plastic bit by bit and lay it down to produce an item. Spectrom adds dye to the plastic as it melts, enabling printers to change between colours.

A thing printed with the Spectrom device. It is also capable of more slow transitions between colours. Picture courtesy of Spectrom.
An item printed using the Spectrom device. It’s additionally capable of more gradual transitions between colors. Picture courtesy of Spectrom.
Kovacs-Johnson said. “We can print everything from dark blue to pink to red and everything in between.”

With the addition of more than one print head, desktop Computer 3D printer makers have normally gotten across the one color difficulty. botObjects, a desktop printer manufacturer that is teasing the community for years using its full-color printing abilities, has revealed that its machine operates by combining distinct pre-coloured filaments.

Spectrom does n’t need a printer that is specialized to work. The point is that you install it upon your existing printer and you’re ready to really go. Code that tells the apparatus when to change between colors is output by your computer, along with your printer functions as if it was printing using a filament spool that is regular.

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