Voxel8 Receives 12million in funding for Electronics 3D Printer


3D printing is now big enough to attract some heavy investment, but investors are discerning due to the large number of viable startups.

Voxel8 is one of those companies that, thanks to the leadership of Harvard Professor Dr. Jennifer Lewis, doesn’t need to prove it’s worth. Their innovations and research are a disruptive force in electronics that has certainly got them noticed.

In combination with materials research, they are known for 3D printing with electricity. Voxel8 is now about to release the first desktop 3D printer that can print electronic products. Their first 3D printed drone/quadcopter is a demonstration, with a range of other projects in the works.

A cool $12 million is being infused into Voxel8 via a round of Series A funding. Leading the round were Braemar Energy Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners, joined by Autodesk through its Spark Investment Fund and In-Q-Tel. The funds will be funneled into further ventures for developing electronics products and technology–as well as expanding their team. Their core technology is in embedded electronics and through their commitment to research, innovation, and execution, what they are able to offer to users is the ability to 3D print electronics on the large scale.